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At Charlotte Benson Aesthetics, we celebrate all individuals, from all backgrounds, at all stages of life and believe confidence is the root of beauty, wherever you are in your journey. The goal is to give each client a source of expressive empowerment while feeling confident in their own skin.

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About Charlotte Benson Aesthetics

With over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry, Charlotte founded Charlotte Benson Aesthetics in 2018 to offer high quality, affordable aesthetics in Bognor Regis, West Sussex & London

Charlotte Benson Aesthetics offers an exclusive range of industry leading non-surgical cosmetic treatments as well as a sensational brow service. By working closely with each client, ensuring the correct advice and treatments are used to give confidence to your appearance and create the look you are wanting to achieve.

Using industry leading techniques, Charlotte only uses the highest quality products and tailored procedures. Charlotte offers a variety of services including Henna Brows, Anti-wrinkle injections and more to help you achieve the perfect look for you.

Charlotte is a fully qualified advanced aesthetic practitioner, providing non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation throughout West Sussex and London. Charlotte specialises in providing a range of affordable, safe and professional treatments including lip enhancements and facial fillers.

Charlotte Benson Aesthetics The CB Brow

The CB Brow is a specialist brow treatment using henna and a variety of methods tailored to each client. 


The Henna is excellent to help the baby hair grow and to create a fuller brow.

Exclusive face mapping.
Tweezing & waxing.
Trimming to create the perfect brow to suit your face.

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